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Artist in Workshop

Unlock your Creative path

Whether you believe it or not we all have a creative bone within us that compels us to come alive. Many times this creative side lays dormant because of our fixed beliefs that "we are too old", "we don't have the time" or "the creative side of us is not a responsible endeavor to pursue." Thus, we continue to deny ourselves the fulfilled life we so desire and are capable of.  

As your coach, I will guide you, the professional, through an enriching program, "The creative confidence" program, in creating a successful and fulfilled lifestyle by activating your creative passions. I do this by helping you acknowledge and define what your creative passions are, identify the mental and emotional roadblocks that hold you back from activating those creative interests, and empower you to enact all the resources you have to make those creative passions a reality.

What's included:

-10 individual coaching sessions (3month program)

-Enrichment resources and handouts (ultimately building your personal resource manual).

-Access to enrichment media training.

- Follow-up email of the session’s purpose and themes

-Unlimited email support between sessions.

Sign up now for a free discovery call to see how I can support you on your journey.


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