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#1 important question to ask yourself in accomplishing your New Years resolution!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The new year has arrived, and with the new year comes new resolutions. Every year, we take on new decisions, commitments, and decrees in hopes of being a better person. Yet, many of us start off with good intentions... then end up with weak results. By the second month, our resolutions are back on the shelf, along with that manuscript we said we would finish and that gym membership we said we would activate, waiting for next year's attempt.

If you are one of these good-intentioned people who want lasting results this year, start by asking yourself this 1 question...

"WHO DO I NEED TO BECOME?" When asking yourself "WHO DO I NEED TO BECOME" you embrace 3 powerful declarations: 1.Ownership over your resolutions 2.Commitment to your resolutions and 3. Acceptance of self

1. By asking yourself "WHO DO I NEED TO BECOME", you move from the back seat into the driver's seat! You let go of the excuses that have held you back and take ownership over your success. "Who do I need to become" to write my first book? "Who do I need to become" to maintain a consistent workout plan? "Who do I need to become" to work for myself? No one is going to turn your dreams into a reality except for you. They belong to you, thus you have to live like they do!

2. By asking yourself "WHO DO I NEED TO BECOME", you acknowledge that there is a process. Unlike instant oatmeal, success takes time. Who you become is a growth process, a daily commitment towards your greater self. You must commitment to action each day, no matter how small they may be. These action steps will lead you to your desired results!

Last but not least...3. By asking yourself "WHO DO I NEED TO BECOME", you start with self. You fully accept that you have everything you need and more to START. And anything that you read, learn, and obtain will only enhance what is born within. When you activate your strengths, you buy into your own worth and truth, and move into your success.

Accomplishing your new year's resolutions has more to do with your being than it does with your doing. By mentally and emotionally becoming that person who has fulfilled his/her resolutions you release whatever resistance that may hold you back and create possible outcome for yourself. Image it is a year from now and you have accomplished your goals? What is different about you? What do your friends notice that is different about you? How do you feel to have finished your first book? Lose 30 pounds by sticking to your diet and exercise plan? Finished your first semester with straight A's, 2 kids, and a full time job? Jim Rohn sums it up nicely when he said "Success is something you attract by the person you become." Instead of making another list of goals you want to accomplish by the end of the year ask yourself this one question... Who do I want be at the end of this year?

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