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Living beyond the Grocery checklist of life!

Do you ever feel like you are checking off your life accomplishments like a grocery list and yet you sense something is still missing?

Admirable degree(s)? Check! A good career? Check! A nice apartment? Check! A loving and supportive partner? check! Money in the bank? .... check?

While you feel a sense of security in obtaining everything on your list (by age 35, no doubt), there is still a gnawing feeling that you want more. Part of you feels guilty for wanting more and thinks, " I should be happy with all that I have. However, I am not." Another part of you is bored, antsy, and unsatisfied with where you are at in life yet does not know how to change it.

The good news; finding fulfillment in life is possible,simple and fun. The not so good news; you will have to make some changes in your current situation that will make you uncomfortable. Ask yourself these questions:

1. "How do I want to feel every morning when I roll out of bed? 2. How do I want to show up in life every time I walk out of my door?

3. What idea of myself do I need to give up in order to live a life on my own terms? 4. Over the last year, when have I felt the most switched on/ inspired? What was I doing? Who was I being? 5. If there were no limits and I felt fully supported and adored by my friends and family, what would I spend my days doing?

Living a life completely on your own terms and fully satisfied comes down to understanding what you really want? Once you get clear on what you want you will cease to continue to fill your time and energy with things (people included) that do not add value to your life.

If you are still having trouble envisioning your life beyond the grocery checklist try this:

1. Start your day off with inner peace. Find a quiet spot to pray, meditate, or be in silences. Your higher self knows what best for you. Are you ready to listen?

2. Buy a Journal. Journaling is a great way to unearth inspiration, ideas, "ah-ha" moments that are buried deep inside of you waiting to come to life.

3. Make a JUST DO IT list! Make a list of 25 (sensible and legal) things you have always wanted to do. Then do/live them out each week. For example, maybe you have always wanted to dance in a music video, cool. Next week, sign up for a dance class where you can learn the latest MTV dance moves. Or, grab a couple of your friends, turn on the "gram" (Instagram for those not on brand with today's lingo) and show us your best 5,6,7,8. Its all about exploring the things that make you come alive.

4. Get a Coach! Life coaches are trained professionals who are passionate about enhancing the lives of the people they work with by helping them achieve their goals, creating a safe space for self-reflection and soul searching so each person can get clear on what he or she wants in life. Life coaches are great at seeing how we can self-sabotage and keep us accountable and commitment towards our desired outcome.

Checking off your accomplishment can seem meaningless if you do not receive a deep sense of satisfaction and contentment. At the end of the day, we all want to look back on our lives knowing we spent each moment living our true authentic selves, fully engaged in what makes us come alive.

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