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10min intermission: So what is life coaching, anyway?

In general, life coaching is an empowering conversation between you and your coach about your greatest potential. It's an experience that encompasses support, accountability, growth, and deep understanding of self. Life coaches create a safe and non-judgemental environment for an individual to explore all possible options when striving towards and obtaining one's goal. Coaches have the ability to view a person's situation from afar… a birds eye view if you will, offering fresh insight to the client's situation. Coaches connect with their clients by listening intently and asking thought provoking questions. Through this experience, clients will be challenged to think beyond what is impossible and deeper into what is possible.


There are 4 main aspects of coaching that make it beneficial to one's well being.

Clear Vision: Coaching helps individuals see the “yellow brick road” towards their goal. Coaches help an individual nail down what he/she/they really want, make sense of the clutter that gets in the way, and guides them in the direction that best suits their desired outcome.

Accountability: In the coaching relationship follow-through is key to change. Making sure an individual succeed towards their personal endeavors is a coach's main focus. If, for any reason, the client stop progressing forward, the coach is able to process with the client and help them uncover what might be in the way of there their growth. Individuals are able to move beyond their roadblocks faster, with a coach, than without.

Spotlight attention: All eyes are on the individual! A coaching environment is a safe space where he/she/they can tap into their dreams, desires, and goals. It’s a space where an individual can explore what is deep down at the core of who he/she/they are and create possibility of living fully in that.

Your Growth: By moving beyond your comfort zones and challenging yourself, people can’t help but be transformed into a better version of themselves. Life coaching will boost your confidence and empower you to move beyond complacency into the life worth smiling about.


Now that I have summarized coaching for you I’ll give you the skinny on what I do as a coach.

As a coach, I help my clients achieve their goals by challenging the way they think about them. All too often we get caught up in a web of thoughts and stories that tell us why we cannot achieve certain things. Thus, I challenge the individuals stories/thoughts about their goals and equip them with tools to evaluate whether or not those thoughts are getting them what they want. We continue to work through the “road thoughts” as the individual moves closer and closer to his/her/ their desired outcome. The end goal is for the individual to take flight, on their own, with all they have learned and kick ass in life.

Moving beyond one's thoughts and into a life were you feel fulfilled is not easy to do. Especially if those fear induced, limiting thoughts have been holding you back. Yet it is possible if you are willing. If you want to explore what living beyond your limiting beliefs feels like and kick-ass in life, click on the link below for a free hour sample session. #youareworthit!

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