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10 min intermission: What lights you up?!?

What if you decided, one day, you wanted to learn a new language! You want to learn a new language because...hey... you enjoy languages. So you picked a language, maybe hired a tutor, and start practicing. You realize you dig this language so you decide to move to the country where the language originated from and really become a fluent speaker.

Maybe you are not into languages. Maybe you enjoy painting, dancing, collecting cars, playing the piano . So you invest time, money, effort into these activities. Whether you pursue them as hobbies or they become your career, you allow yourself to do them because these activities bring you joy. And hey, why not!!!

Then you discover something else... you are really good at them!!! You are really good at cooking because you enjoy cooking. You are excellent at rollerblading because it brings you joy when you do it. You are a master at teaching because sharing knowledge with others satisfies your soul. Maybe you make a buck or two from doing these activities. Either way, you are not doing them for the money. You are knitting, writing, collecting cars, dancing because they add fulfillment to your life. You have given yourself permission to live a great life, being curiously inspired by the things that make your heart skip a beat and your life light up.

In a nutshell, "“Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come live.” -Howard Thurman

If you want to discover what makes you come alive, yet don't know where to start, what action to take, or where to begin, email me for a free empowering coaching conversation! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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